Isoboard Ceiling

IsoBoard is a rigid board bulk thermal insulator, available in various thicknesses and lengths to meet most requirements. Heat gain in residential homes is largely through the roof structure. Insulated ceilings retard heat flow into the living areas in summer, and contain generated heat in winter, providing a comfortable living environment. IsoBoard is one of the very few manufacturers to present AGED performance values for our products. All insulation materials deteriorate over time, due principally to the effects of weathering and moisture, although these have minimal effect on IsoBoard’s thermal performance.

Isoboard in various thicknesses at Middelburg Dakkappe

Everite 4mm Nutec Ceiling

We take pride in supplying our clients with Everite Building products. They have been associated with the South African building industry since 1941. Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of 4mm Nutec Ceilings. Nutec is the registered name for products manufactured without asbestos as a raw material. Nutec fibre cement products are manufactured using a mixture of cellulose fibre, cement, silica and water. Nutec fibre-cement high performance properties and added benefits include: the use of safe renewable fibres; considerable tensile strength with enhanced dynamic load bearing properties; excellent thermal properties; water and wind resistance; hail resistance; fire resistance and resistance to fungus, rodents and acid.

4mm Everite nutec ceiling at Middelburg Dakkappe